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RE/MAX agents help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals support millions of kids each year treated at member hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. All donations stay local and add up to make a big impact towards changing kids’ heath in your community. It’s easy for RE/MAX to remain competitive in the marketplace while supporting children’s hospitals and families in your home communities.

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Don’t just thank your clients, honor them.

When you donate in honor of your clients, you’re supporting your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Sometimes it’s for equipment or technology; sometimes it’s for education or treatment for the most seriously ill children. We trust our member hospitals to make an impact where it’s needed most.

For a donation of $30 per transaction, you can send a meaningful closing gift to your clients, letting them know that you have donated to your local CMN Hospital in their name.

Customize each card with your name, a personal message, and your local hospital. Each card features the story of a child who’s received care at your local CMN Hospital.

Give your clients a gift with a lasting impact.

<Custom Message>

A gift has been made in your honor by <Agent Name>
of <Office Name>.

This donation will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in your community. Thank you for your role in helping sick and injured children.

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Don't just thank your customers, honor them.

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